Can you afford another failure?

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Permian Basin Metallurgical Labs provides all types of metallurgical testing

Any type of metallurgical failure in the field is costly and, possibly, dangerous. When pipe breaks, or it cracks enough to leak, drilling or production can come to a halt until the cause is found and replacements are made.

Since 1993 Permian Basin Metallurgical Laboratories has been doing a variety of tests to help oilfield companies find and remedy the causes of many kinds of failures.

When taking broken parts to PBML, it is important to have both sides of the break in hand. This gives the lab a more complete picture of the failure.

Failures can be rooted in any combination of several causes: equipment being used for the wrong purpose; damage from downhole gases or treatments; from flaws in the metal; or from a part that is mislabeled (which causes it to be used unwittingly for the wrong purpose).

In fact, the lab often tests pipe or other metals to see if they are as advertised. One company discovered a collection of pipe they had bought had mixed grades of pipe. Permian Basin Metallurgical Labs was able to identify the pipe so the new owners could properly organize their inventory.

For questions involving wear or failure of sucker rods, lab technicians know that each manufacturer has its own signature formula. They can determine the maker, the hardness, the tensile strength and other characteristics of the rods. If wear is a factor, that will be apparent also.

When determining the cause of failures, the lab issues a report that explains the causes in understandable terms and offers recommendations on how to prevent future failures. They see and report on hundreds of failures a year.

They also provide load certification testing for OSHA and internal requirements for regular evaluations of chains, sheave assemblies, fishing tools, load cells and gauges and other load-bearing equipment. These are often the areas in which failures involve the greatest safety issues.

Litigation support is also available, for cases in which responsibility must be determined for warranty, insurance or legal matters.

Owner Joe Edwards has 38 years of experience in oil field service and 21 years in quality control.

Lab founder C. J. Hensley, a metallurgical engineer with 30 years of experience with major oil companies and service companies, offers his expertise when needed, especially in expert witness cases.

When a failure happens, finding the reason and preventing a recurrence is good business and it can be an important safety measure. If there is any doubt as to why that failure happened, take it to Permian Basin Metallurgical Labs and let them show you how to prevent a repeat.

Permian Basin Metallurgical Laboratories, owned by Joe Edwards, is located at 2674 West County Road South, Odessa. The phone number is 432-580-3526.


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